STDU Viewer Portable

STDU Viewer Portable 1.6.62

Simple document viewer for PDF, XPS, CBR and more


  • Light on resources
  • Works with several document formats
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • No support for important formats like DOC and HTML
  • No included documentation


STDU Viewer Portable lets you open and view certain document formats within the same app interface.

Why should you have a different viewer for each type of document, when you can open them all in the same app? STDU Viewer Portable lets you open a fair amount of document formats, such as DjVu, TIFF, XPS, TXT, comic formats such as CBR and CBZ, and the well-known PDF. While it's not a huge variety, STDU Viewer Portable will still save you from having to install three or four different programs to do a job you can get done with one here.

STDU Viewer Portable features a traditional viewer interface. There's a main area to display the selected page, a sidebar to show a content summary, and thumbnails among other functions. In addition a bottom bar with handy navigational controls exists, and a top menu bar to access the program's tools, like zoom, text selection, and page adjustments.

STDU Viewer Portable can open several documents simultaneously and is light on system resources. The portable version can be added to a USB stick and taken with you anywhere as well. Unfortunately, STDU Viewer Portable is missing some of the most important formats like DOC and HTML. If not for those omissions, it would be pretty near perfect as far as document viewers go.

With STDU Viewer Portable you can open and revise documents in several formats, and take it with you on the go.

STDU Viewer Portable supports the following formats


STDU Viewer Portable


STDU Viewer Portable 1.6.62

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